Untucked Woman: Nicole Elizabeth


Nicole, what keeps you on-the-go? 

Photography comes second in my life to my four, rowdy sons. The boys keep me busy with mud and “hey mom, hold my worm!” The pack of them is always looking for new and creative ways to cause injuries. My photography work is a great contrast to my job as a mom. It helps me see all things from a different perspective. I am always trying to find the beauty in the everyday, even in the muddy worms and skinned knees. 

What's your day-in-the-life?

I love on my four boys all day long, and in the evenings when the sun gets soft and glows, I get to meet a great variety of people in all the important phases of their lives! That may mean a session with a senior in high school full of ambition and an innocent zest for the future, a family of five wanting to stall time but resolving to settle for a picture to contain their memories, or a meeting with a doe-eyed bride to discuss her wedding day. The days are full, the coffee is strong and my heart is thankful.

How do you dress for your job?

My mom job attire consists of trying not to look frazzled, remembering to brush my teeth, and hoping to make it one more day on dry shampoo. My photography job allows me to wear clothes that remind me I that I can still pull it together. My youngest, Theodore, is just under 2 months. I wear him to most of my shoots. Besides my son, I wear a lot of black. It just happens. My main requirement is clothing that I can bend, move, and stretch in for the perfect shot, while maintaining a professional vibe.  

What's one of the most challenging parts about your job?

One of my biggest hurdles is staying organized in the chaos. My life is a series of distractions, and my photography business is wonderful because I can do it from home. But it is also terrible because I can do it from home. I don’t have the structure of an office or office hours. I have to do all of my computer work and emailing amidst the dull roar of little boys constantly wrestling, 50 million toddler questions and diaper changes.

What's one of the most rewarding parts about your job?

I love shooting families, zooming out, away from all of the stress that we encounter so intensely throughout the day, to the broader view of just how beautiful family life is from full frame. It helps me remind myself in my own life, no matter how frustrating it can be, to imagine what this would look like as a picture if I were look back on this day. I want to live my life with my boys with the same joy that I know I will see when I look through my family photo albums in 20 years. If I can share this reminder with other families through a beautiful picture, it's a joy for me. 

What does an Untucked life mean to you?

An untucked life to me means to embrace life in general. Breathe everyday in, and take the good with the bad. It's all about the little struggles, the highs and lows that make up our lives, ya know? 

From your experience, what can we learn from you today? 

Give up on being perfect. In photography, a perfect shot bores me. I want raw and real, and I think that this can apply to all of us. Be yourself, be vulnerable, be real; it’s more fun that way.

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