PODCAST: Karin Liljegren

Karin Liljegren is the Founder + Principle of the architecture firm, Omgivning in downtown Los Angeles.

Omgivning is a Swedish word for “total environment” or “surrounding” which embodies the company’s ideas about architecture and interior design.

Omgivning strengthens urban communities through architecture and interior design, emphasizing reuse of underutilized existing buildings. With the goals of the owner or investors as their point of departure, they consider the neighborhood’s history, aesthetics, current uses, and growth patterns, as well as the building’s particular challenges and opportunities. Omgivning combine this understanding of place with our substantial experience with City requirements and regulations, creating spaces that succeed for the client and the community.

In that last few years, Omgivning has grown into a firm of 24 Architects and Interior Designers. Omgivning has provided Architectural services on over 200 buildings, primarily in Downtown Los Angeles.

Colleen Monroe