PODCAST: Creating spaces that inspire with Ruthi Daughtery

Ruthi Daughtery specializes in highly customized environment design, by creating unique spaces where people can connect through an experience—a delicious cup of coffee, a shared meal, a brand launch, or a weekend away.

Her clients include: The Giving Keys, Darling Magazine, Nike, Tom's, Converse, and 31 Bits.

Ruthi takes a wholistic approach to projects by considering everything from branding & print design to interior and furniture design, all with the intent of telling a story.

As a creative director and designer, she aims to make work that is thoughtful, meaningful, and compelling. She strives for striking simplicity and believes that the details make the difference.

Born and raised in LA, she currently lives in Downtown LA with her best friend and husband. In her spare time you will find her rock climbing, camping, running, traveling, cooking up a healthy meal, and exploring near and far.

Follow Ruthi on Instagram: @ruthidaughtery