Untucked Milestones

Oh, December. The month that makes me ponder the past twelve months while simultaneously racing to leap into the year ahead with unquenchable anticipation.

Caught in this twilight zone, thought I'd share with you the 2016 milestones of Untucked Workwear and what's planned for 2017. 

I'm pretty excited. Are you ready?  

Last 12 months:

Next 12 months:

  • Fittings and size grading
  • Film Untucked's Kickstarter Video
  • Photograph Untucked's first pieces
  • Launch the new blog series, "Untucked Women" (see first of these interviews below!)
  • Finalize Untucked Workwear's packaging and labels
  • Secure a retail license from the the city of Los Angeles
  • Launch Untucked's Kickstarter (Spring 2017!)
  • Go into production
  • Deliver Untucked's first pieces
  • Celebrate with champagne and Zzzzz's

Whew! So much to do. Luckily, I have all of you cheering this new company onward. I'm so grateful for your encouragement and interest to see Untucked Workwear take flight.