Untucked Woman: Dana Vaughn

Dana Vaughn
Los Angeles

What keeps you on the go?

I work as a Speech and Language Pathology Assistant aka a Speech Therapy Assistant, which means I'm simply in the medical field working in a private clinic. I spend a lot of time working with my young clients which involves a lot of floor time, but then I'm completing paperwork, and meeting new clients at multiple times throughout the day.


My day usually starts around 5:45am or at 6:00am if I'm dreaming, so let's just say at 6:00am. I arise at this time because I not only have to get to work by 9:00am, but I also have to play the hurry up and wait game that every urban commuter signs on to with public transit. I live in Mid-City near Culver City and I work in Chatsworth (yes, Chatsworth!) which is over the hill. I start up taking a bus to another bus to the subway to a lighting bolt fast bus to the last and final bus with a glorious stroll to work to help me mentally prepare for my day.

How do you find community in the city?

In order for me to connect in this city, I have to be purposeful about everything I do. Nailing down dates with friends is of utmost importance, but it doesn't just end there. I have some of the most spontaneous fun when I'm out and about going through my day while making the decision to be willing to explore conversations that might come up with those around me.

Love most about LA?

I love the vibrance of this city! I also have a deep appreciation for all of the micro-cultures that make LA all that it is.

Toughest about living in LA?

How wide spread LA is! Thankfully, more public transportation is in the works in the heart of LA and will make commuting so much easier.

Favorite spot in the city?

My favorite spot has to be sitting down at the Getty Villa enjoying the wonderful burger that they have on their menu while taking in the nature around me.

Essential wardrobe piece?

My essential wardrobe piece would have to be my black pants (with my pair of men's Derby shoes barely missing it) because those pants cover a multitude of oh no's and uh oh's especially when traveling from bus to bus and place to place.

Why be an Untucked Ambassador?

I love all that Untucked stands for. It is so refreshing to see how intentional Colleen is with crafting her first piece and all the passion that goes into everything.

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