Untucked Woman: Emily Belyea

Emily, what keeps you on the go?

My work (as a website and graphic designer), but not in the way you might think! I work from home and the occasional coworking space, but I don’t really need to be anywhere M-F. My location independence is what keeps my travel schedule BOOKED! I love being able to pack up my laptop and head to the airport on any given day of the week.

What's your day-in-the-life?

I wake up anywhere between 7:30 and 8:00am using my beloved Sleep Cycle app and immediately chug some water and do my old lady stretches. Then I make myself some avocado toast and cold brew, and head into the office. My commute isn’t too bad because my office happens to be directly across from my bedroom. Major win.

I feel the most productive and at the top of my game in the morning, so I usually jump right into a website mockup, branding project, or any other task that requires a lot of creative energy. The afternoons I reserve for email and project management tasks. People don’t understand how much time web designers actually spend making to do lists for their clients - list making and organizing to do’s is how I spend a lot of my afternoons!

Around 5:30, I’m off to the gym and then I like to cook dinner and mix up some cocktails with my boyfriend before settling into a Netflix doc. You know how it goes.

What's your favorite piece to wear for work?

Full disclosure, I spend a lot of time in yoga pants. Like, a lot. When I have the occasional client meeting or in-person training session though, I usually throw on my favorite pair of high-waisted black pants, tuck in a cute button down, and throw on some sandals or flats, depending on how San Francisco’s weather wants to be that day. 
In most cases though, I’m walking, biking, or taking the bus, so I need to feel mobile and breezy, so I can handle those hills like a champ.

What's one of the biggest challenges about your job?

Managing project timelines with different kinds of clients. Some people are responsive and quick to meet a deadline, and others aren’t. That’s just how it is. One of my biggest challenges is orchestrating a workflow that can accommodate everyone’s work style and own project deadlines, while also allowing me to manage my own schedule of incoming clients. I like to call this “managing the hustle,” which I’m sure you’re familiar with.

What's one of the most rewarding parts about your job?

Being able to watch women find confidence, freedom and financial stability through the company and brand that I help them build. It brings me so much joy - you have no idea.

What does an Untucked life mean to you?

Movement. Meeting people. Collaboration. Those three immediately come to mind, but also, I think the Untucked life means being the master of my own movement. Being able to choose exactly where I want to go and when. Truly making our own time is a relatively new way of working, and it’s such an interesting and fun space to explore :)

From your experience, what can we learn today? 

Don’t underestimate the power of using quality photography on your website. Invest in a photographer and no matter what kind of website you create or hire someone to create for you, it will look amazing.

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Colleen Monroe