Untucked Woman: Steph Rager

Steph, what keeps you on-the-go? 

I'm a 50% muralist, 20% signs maker, 20% illustrator, and 10% miscellaneous artist. The variety of work is exciting for me because I never have time to get bored with one thing and it allows me to work with people in all sorts of industries.

What's your day-in-the-life?

I wake up between 6AM and 7AM and immediately head to the kitchen. I make a pour over and eggs. I'm not one of those "I'm not really hungry until lunch" types. I can't do anything until I've eaten. From there it varies. I'm either in my studio downstairs or on a ladder all day working on signs or a mural. Most days, I have at least one meeting over coffee which is a nice chance for me to take a step away from a project and to get my people fill. I try to end off around 8PM and close out my day with dinner and a glass of wine.

What do you wear to work?

I wear the same pair of ripped bottomed, paint-covered black jeans almost every day. My friends call them my mom jeans and I love them. Also, I got tired of ruining my wardrobe piece by piece with spills and smears of various art supplies.

What's one of the biggest challenges about your job?

The work is solitary and I'm an extrovert through and through. It's taken a lot of growth to find ways to supplement the fact that I don't have coworkers and to be ok with the times when I am alone for most of the day.

What's one of the most rewarding parts about your job?

My work gives me a lot of freedom to fill my days with the things that are important to me. If my little sister has a soccer game in the middle of the day, I can schedule my work around it to be there. Also, I frequently have jobs that can be done remotely so I've been able to travel a lot more. Ultimately it means some late nights and weekends spent working but at the end of the day, that's worth it to me.

What does an Untucked life mean to you?

More time spent living, less time spent worrying about how I'm going to present myself.

From your experience, what can we learn from you today? 

1. Community is everything. You never know how the people you meet will translate into your next job, a job 18 months from now, a friend, a mentor, or someone that you see at a lot of coffee shops and just really would like to say hi to. Those relationships are gold to me.

2. Weather-proof sandwich boards AFTER you paint them. Seems obvious, right? For some reason, it wasn't for me....

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Picture| Marcus Meisler @thereelmarcus