Why I started Untucked Workwear

Happy International Women's Day!

I just want to take a few minutes to tell you what motivates me day in and day out to bring Untucked Workwear to life.

It's more than just the chance to design and push myself creatively, because honestly 90% of starting a clothing company is not about sketching up every great idea that pops into my head and dancing through rooms of fancy fabrics.

Rather for me, it's a constant battle of self-doubt and stressing over whether I can cobble together enough side jobs to fund the startup costs for things like pattern making and a website while at the same time trying to pay rent and car insurance. It feels so crazy that I'm putting everything I have into something that hasn't even launched! I mean, I sold my car and biked to work for an entire year just so I could save up for this and now I'm seeing all those dollar signs disappear quicker than I can make them. I feel like I'm holding my breath all the time.

So, what motivates me to keep moving forward to make Untucked a reality?


I imagined 50 years from now, when the fashion industry will hopefully be in a much better state and women around the world are kindly treated in factories because people did something about it.

I did something about it.

Even as a tiny clothing startup in the super competitive market of Los Angeles, Untucked Workwear for me is more than just about making well-crafted clothing. Its underlying mission is to improve the working conditions for the people making my clothes and the women who wear them. That is my hope and what pushes me through constant self doubt as I bite my lip looking at my bank account daily.

So, I just want to celebrate today all those companies and people who are pushing for better working environments for women and say, I'm grateful for your hustle.