Untucked Woman: Tami Spenst

Tami, what keeps you on-the-go? 

I am an actor, an interior + event designer and I own a coffee shop + bike shop with my husband in the Arts District in downtown LA.

What's your day-in-the-life?

I'm really not a morning person (everyone I know is emphatically nodding their heads right now), but I love the space and quiet of waking up before everyone else, so I've been working my way towards a 6am wake up time. I start with coffee and then meditation and journaling and some quick yoga before going on a walk with our puppy, Buckwheat. I've found that having a morning before the day starts makes such a huge difference in how I feel the rest of the day so I try to protect that no matter what else is happening. Each day is different, but I've divided up my days depending on the type of work I need to do. A few days are dedicated to creative work that I do from home and a few days I go into the shop for meetings and more task driven work. After work, there's usually a crockpot dinner (lifesaver!) or leftovers waiting for us. We take Buckwheat for another walk then turn off our busy brains with whatever show we're currently watching (read: binging) and books.

What do you wear to work?

Always boots of some kind. My go-to uniform is usually a dress but these days I do a lot more lugging and running around so I've started incorporating more pants and tops with enough detail and structure to look put together but loose or flowy enough to move around in.

What's one of the most rewarding parts about your job?

The people I've gotten to meet -- especially the strong, creative women. It is constantly inspiring. When I moved to LA, I struggled to find a community where I felt like I belonged and building the shop was kind of like a Field of Dreamers for Chase and me -- we built it and our people came.

What's one of the most challenging parts about your job?

I really love checking things off my list and feeling like I have everything under control (hello my name is Tami and I'm a Type A personality), but that's not really the nature of owning your own business. Things are always changing and the good news is, you learn to be very adaptable and flexible and curious which I think is ultimately better in life. The challenge is, it can feel like you're playing an endless game of whack a mole.

What does an Untucked life mean to you?

Show up, wholly and unapologetically, as yourself.

From your experience, what can we learn from you today? 

One of the greatest life lessons I've learned came from an improv class in college. Always respond with "Yes, and..." In improv, you're given a partner and a scenario and because you're human, you both go into the scene with an idea of what you want to do. Inevitably, your partner will throw something at you that takes you in a different direction. Instead of saying no, you take what they give you and you expand upon it. You don't want to stop something short of becoming what it could be just because you don't originally see where it's going.

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3 Tips for Commuting in Style:

1. Take your time. You're riding in your normal clothes so, understandably, you don't want to get all hot and sweaty. Give yourself plenty of extra time so you're not rushed. Sounds simple, but it makes a big difference. If it's a hot day, riding will give you a nice breeze, but maybe bring a change of clothes just in case.

2. Set up your bike to carry your things. Get that bag off your back and onto your bicycle! Racks and bags and baskets are one of the best ways to add style and character to your bicycle. And, bonus- they add tons of function and make your ride more comfortable. No one likes a bag swinging around or making their back all sweaty. Figuring out the best set up depends on your bicycle and what you're carrying but we cover some of the basics in this blog.

3. Make it an adventure. Being on a bicycle gives you lots flexibility for changing your scenery and exploring new places along the way. If you see a street that looks interesting, make a spontaneous turn. You've got all that extra time, remember? Go to that coffee shop that never has car parking or grab a donut along your route (it doesn't matter where you are, there are donuts along every route). Being on a bicycle means you can navigate the world more freely and flexibly - take advantage!